4C18 Update - SJAC Priorities are Submitted

Over the last two weeks, a lot has happened around planning for #4C18 in Kansas City, MO. We added one new member to the SJAC, Tamara Bulter. Most crucially, SJAC deliberated carefully over all the suggestions for the convention that was sent to us by members via the Google survey last month and listed in the Joint Statement from the Caucuses. They provided me with this list of prioritized items to consider:

  1. Center our attention around the needs and collaboration with local activists. 
  2. Access to the conference both f2f and online- enhanced technology. 
  3. Safety and security including how we engage with allies, availability of information to negotiate spaces, apps, and perhaps a pre-workshop that will set the tone of “mindfulness and preparedness.” Engagement with police or other authorities?
  4. Facilitate a variety of donations to local movements on the part of membership as well as other professional organizations that support the conference (i.e. book publishers, etc.). 
  5. Letter writing campaign. 
  6. Press release and press conference. 
  7. Pre-conference statement from Asao about our actions, activities and suggestions for actions, affiliations, etc. for those who still choose to skip the convention. 
  8. Invite a prominent speaker/workshop leader who can lead us in transformative action work – how to get started (i.e. Howard Stephenson, Robin D.G. Kelley, or others). 
  9. Statement in the program about our dedication to activism and our efforts to affect change; cover art to reflect our activist values. 
  10. Pre and post workshops dedicated to activism and organizing using our particular skillset with waived fees. 
  11. On-going role for the Social Justice and Activism Task Force. 
  12. A Social Justice and Activism Award. 
  13. Expansion of Scholars for the Dream (perhaps including a slot for Social Justice and Activism). 
I'm inclined to accept and ask the SJAC and local site committee to help me enact all these suggestions. I find them all doable and worthwhile. Most importantly, I think, items #2, #3, #7, #9, #10, #11, #12, and #13 all offer on-going, structural ways that our annual convention can change for the better, turn toward more social justice work and activist activities. The expansion of the SFD award is already in motion; we are piloting its expansion for this year's convention, with the intention of making the expansion permanent, including expanded mentorship, something the CCCC EC will discuss at its next meeting. Item #12 will take much longer and approval by the EC, so we could start a proposal that would need approval by the EC, but establishing awards take time, but I like this award.

I will wait until next weekend before I make my decision to accept everything on this list. I would like to give any Cs member who would like to offer me feedback on this list a chance to do so. If you find something missing that really shouldn't be, or something overlooked, please, let me know by email (asao@uw.edu) or by leaving a comment on this blog. I appreciate your thoughts and will listen. The deadline for all those comments will be 8:00 AM PST Sunday, Oct 15.

I'm encouraged by the dedicated and conscientious work that Duku and the SJAC has done so quickly. I'm also encouraged again by the wonderful suggestions that our members and caucuses offered. Thank you, all.

Thank you for checking in on the progress we are making with #4C18. More soon.



  1. Can you or a SJAC member clarify what is meant by "engagement with police" in item #3?

  2. Hello ruthieo,

    I cannot say exactly what SJAC meant by that, but I'm guessing that it is a reference to possible collaborations with the local police, perhaps dialogues or something of that nature. I think, it was a question because it depends on their willingness and ability to engage with us on matters of safety and their current practices. If I accept that item, which I'd like to, the local committee, SJAC, and I would work to find out first if we could engage in dialogues and other activities with the local police at the convention. There may be other things that SJAC have in mind too.

  3. I would add that that emerged from conversations about allyship and training around bystander intervention.


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