Final 4C18 Update -- Remote Accessibility Pilot Moving Forward

Well, we have five weeks before 4C18 is here! Things are coming together, but it also means this is the last official 4C18 Update on this blog. I may still post a few more unofficial updates, but know that this is the last official one that keeps everyone up to date on the SJAC and the convention more generally. I want to thank the SJAC for their work, which many of them are continuing to do and will finish at the convention. I especially thank Jessie Moore, my transparency officer, who has coordinated all the details of updating for me, so that I didn't miss an important detail in these posts.

Here's the updates.

  1. Collaboration with local activists (Ersula Ore, Victor Del Hierro, Romeo Garcia, David Green). This group is done. 
  2. Technology and Access (F2F and OL) (Stephanie Kerschbaum, Aja Y. Martinez, Bump Halbritter, Casie Moreland, Zan Goncalves, Brenda Brueggeman, Chad Iwertz, Ruth Osorio, Kristen Ruccio, and Dev Bose). This group is helping with our contracted expert, Greg Zobel, whom I'm working closely with to make pilot several remote access options in a limited way, which I've explained in the Jan 22 update. Greg will be running the room we are outfitting with the appropriate technology to stream in and out presentations, as well as allow passing viewing of presentations given in or through the room. He will also assess pilot and offer suggestions on how sustainable something like this is for future annual conventions. There are several groups (CDICC and the Standing Group for Disability Studies) helping him assess the pilot and other remote accessibility options at the convention. Very soon, folks will be getting emails inviting them to be a part of our remote pilot. So look for those emails very soon. They will require a response on your part. 
  3. Welcoming Companions Project (Al Harahap, Brent Chappelow, Dana Driscoll, Brian Hendrickson, Amy Meckenburg-Faenger, Alisa Russell, Mary Stewart, and Matthew Vetter). This group is still working but no updates. 
  4. Donation to Local Movements (Casie Moreland, Kayla Bruce, Jess Boykin, Hillary Coenen, and Kayla Koury). This group will have a table in the Action Hub and a laptop to allow members to donate to several local organizations (Black Lives Matter, LiteracyKC, the Black Archives of Mid-America, and The AdHoc group Against Crime). They continue to look for an online portal for the Center for American Indian Community Health (CAICH). 
  5. Letter Writing Campaign (Holly Hassel, Thomas Ferrel, and Daniel Mahala). This group continues to develop materials that they will offer at their table in the Action Hub. 
  6. Work with Local Committee and Activists on Press Release and Press Coverage (Jessie Moore). Jessie has written a draft of a press release for the convention, and has shared that with me, which I'll collaborate on. Jessie is also drafting a list of SJAC initiatives and sessions to feature on social media (as part of CCCC broader social media plans for the convention), which will be shared soon. She and I encourage everyone to use #KC as an additional hashtag (for instance, #4C18 #KC) for social media postings related to our social justice efforts and events at the convention. 
  7. Preconvention Statement on Actions, Activities (Michael Pemberton and Romeo Garcia). This is work is done. 
  8. All-Convention Activity (Holly Hassel, Jessie Moore, David Green). The group continues to finalize its list of table facilitators, develop materials and instructions for facilitators, create an online space for recording notes, questions, and discussion highlights, and create prompts to shape the discussion. I have completed my collection of social justice and activism statements that I'm hoping will help us all reflect upon our own work and the work of CCCC more generally before and at the convention. Expect to get an email, which will go to all members, that has a link to this document. I encourage everyone to read, make notes on their copies, reflect, and bring the packet to the convention for working in the all-convention event. 
  9. Program Statement and Cover Art (Al Harahap, Michael Pemberton, and Romeo Garcia). This work is done.  
  10. Pre- and Post-Workshops Dedicated to Activism and Organizing (Michael Pemberton, Romeo Garcia). This group has finalized the workshop outlines and structure. They are continuing to work with the workshop facilitators on finalizing their individual plans. All arrangements for the room and its arrangement have been made. Vershawn A. Young, one of the facilitators of one of the workshops will need to be replaced, as he must attend the EC meeting at the same time. As of Jan 31, the workshop was full, but Kristen Suchor has indicated they will open more seats for folks who still wish to join this workshop. This group has prepared a slightly more detailed outline of workshop #1 and workshop #2, each with key info on place, time, and facilitators. 

Finally, allow me to share the cover of our program. Here's what you can expect to see on the printed cover. It was created by a student group at UMKC, under the guidance of Paul Tosh, Associate Professor of Art & Art History, Graphic Design.

While things will continue to move, and we get closer to 4C18 in Kansas City, I may offer a few short updates here. Thank you, all.