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4C18 Update - Remote Access Pilot Under Way

There is much to report on this time around. I'm please to announce that we have contracted with Greg Zobel (Western Oregon University) to help us with our remote accessibility pilot this year, as well as help with making other aspects of the convention more accessible, particularly to those convention-goers who cannot make it to Kansas City in March. Here's the updates. Collaboration with local activists  (Ersula Ore, Victor Del Hierro, Romeo Garcia, David Green). This group is done and has move to help other groups, as needed.  Technology and Access  (F2F and OL) (Stephanie Kerschbaum, Aja Y. Martinez, Bump Halbritter, Casie Moreland, Zan Goncalves, Brenda Brueggeman, Chad Iwertz, Ruth Osorio, Kristen Ruccio, and Dev Bose). NCTE-CCCC has negotiated a contract with Greg Zobel to develop a pilot program and its assessment for virtual access of several major events from the convention and enabling 1 room at CCCC 2018 with accessibility options for remote attendance and