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CCCC 2018 Update - Task Force on Social Justice and Activism at Cs

As you likely know, the CCCC's Executive Committee decided to continue with the 2018 national convention in Kansas City, with some major changes to the program and convention structure to include more safety measures for our members and more activist and social justice oriented activities and work while at the convention. While many of these activist activities and convention structures will be unique to KC, many may become permanent convention structures. For sure, this coming national convention in KC will be special, as we'll as have a larger budget to work with than what is normal or sustainable in future years. This larger budget is due to the NAACP's travel advisory in Missouri . If you want to know more about our nearly two-month process to this decision, you can read the CCCC 2018 Update letter that went out to all the members during the second half of the process.  As promised and as part of the EC's decision, I formed a new task force, the Task For