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Virtual Office Hours for Teachers on Labor-Based Grading Contracts

Last night, I was thinking out loud on Twitter, and asked if I had online office hours for any teacher who had questions about their use (or potential use) of labor-based grading contracts in their courses, would anyone be interested? Within hours I got thousands of engagements with the tweet, and 60 replies. So I'm gonna try out some labor-based grading contract office hours this coming week -- that's, July 7 - 11 .  Please keep in mind that these are not webinars or workshops. They are office hours where teachers can ask me questions about their use of labor-based grading contracts.  For this first time around, I'll try to do the best I can with how the whole process works (i.e. signing up, scheduling, etc.), so please be patient and bear with me. Know that I want to talk to you if you have questions and want to talk to me. Also know that I'm trying to protect myself in this process.  After looking at my schedule for next week, I have enough time to do 23 one-on-one