Blogbook Page -- What It Means To Be An Antiracist Teacher

This page organizes all the posts for my blogbook, What It Means To Be An Antiracist Teacher: Cultivating Antiracist Orientations in the Literacy Classroom. It also offers the book in a single download version (soon to come). I originally circulated/published the blogbook on this website/blog ( between Feb 21, 2021 and the present (still in progress). 

The blog posts that comprise two thirds of this blogbook are in some places different from the pdf file of the book. The posts use pictures and videos to illustrate and embellish ideas, sources, and other things. There are no illustrations, pictures, or videos embedded in the pdf file. I have tried where appropriate to preserve in the pdf file some sources and links offered in the posts by offering those sources in footnotes. 

You can also find all the blogbook posts in reverse chronological order by searching the tag "blogbook" in the labels navigation area (to the left). 

Original Posts

The posts below are in order of their posting. 

Notes page for the blogbook. 


This information and resources on this page are offered for free in order to engage language and literacy teachers of all levels in antiracist work and dialogue. The hope is that it will help raise enough money to do more substantial and ongoing antiracist work by funding the Asao and Kelly Inoue Antiracist Teaching Endowment, housed at Oregon State University. Read more about the endowment on my endowment page. Please consider donating to the endowment. Thank you for your help and engagement.