CCCC 2018 Update - Task Force on Social Justice and Activism at Cs

As you likely know, the CCCC's Executive Committee decided to continue with the 2018 national convention in Kansas City, with some major changes to the program and convention structure to include more safety measures for our members and more activist and social justice oriented activities and work while at the convention. While many of these activist activities and convention structures will be unique to KC, many may become permanent convention structures. For sure, this coming national convention in KC will be special, as we'll as have a larger budget to work with than what is normal or sustainable in future years. This larger budget is due to the NAACP's travel advisory in Missouri. If you want to know more about our nearly two-month process to this decision, you can read the CCCC 2018 Update letter that went out to all the members during the second half of the process. 

As promised and as part of the EC's decision, I formed a new task force, the Task Force on Social Justice and Activism at Cs (or SJAC for short). Over the months that lead up to the convention in March, I'll give updates on what the SJAC is doing and how the convention is changing, moving, developing, etc. I'll provide updates on what new things that the task force has been working on and other related details. I'll offer one blog post every two weeks in order to offer as much transparency as possible. Feel free to offer me and the SJAC any suggestions or feedback you like along the way. 

Here's the current Cs members who are on SJAC and their affiliations for this task force (some are members of more than one caucus): 
  • Akua Duku Anokye (Chair)
  • Jesse Moore (as transparency officer)
  • Bump Halbritter (EC)
  • Holly Hassel (EC)
  • Stephanie Kerschbaum (EC)
  • Aja Martinez (EC)
  • Michael Pemberton (at large)
  • Casie Moreland (at large, grad rep)
  • Romeo Garcia (Latinx Caucus)
  • Victor Del Hierro (Latinx Caucus)
  • Cindy Tekobbe (American Indian Caucus)
  • Gail MacKay (American Indian Caucus)
  • Al Harahap (Asian/Asian American Caucus)
  • Jolivette Mecenas (Asian/Asian American Caucus)
  • David Green (Black Caucus)
  • Ersula Ore (Black Caucus)
  • Zan Gonçalves (Queer Caucus)
In the next two weeks, the group will use the good ideas from the Joint Statement on the NAACP Missouri Travel Advisory and SB 43 by the NCTE/CCCC Black, Latinx, American Indian, and Asian/Asian American Caucuses and the good suggestions that I collected from the survey of members to come up with a prioritized list of actionable things that we can structure into the convention in KC that offer more measures of safety to members while at the convention and meet the spirit of activism and social justice that many members see as important.

In my next post, expect to hear what they came up with, and I may ask for feedback from the Cs membership. But we must move and there are, of course, lots of logistical and other things that confine us as to what is possible to do in KC while we are meeting at our national convention. 

The task force had its first meeting today, and I attended it, but I will leave the SJAC to do its work on its own, and I'll work more closely with its chair, Duku, who is herself a former Cs Chair. I feel very confident in this good group of scholars and colleagues, and Duku as their leader. Finally, helping me stay updated and abreast of the task force's many activities is Jesse Moore, the SJAC's Transparency Officer. This is to make sure that I have all the information possible each week when I post my updates to you all. 

I also expect to get acceptances to the convention out by or before Nov 1, likely it will be mid-October. We are working hard, so expect much more in the coming months here. Thank you for your patience and goodwill over the last few months. I'm feel fortunate to have such good and compassionate colleagues in the disciplines I call home. 



  1. Thank you for the update, Asao. You have my support!

  2. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to the conference; arriving at the decision was surely difficult, but your transparency and efforts to ensure both the safety and inclusion of all AND the continuation of the conference experience are appreciated so very much. You have my support as well, and I will be attending the conference!

    1. Thank you for the kind words. The SJAC and I will try very hard not to let you and our other members down.


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