Asao & Kelly Inoue Antiracist Teaching Endowment - Donate NOW!

This is a quick note to let folks know that there is now a way to donate to the Asao and Kelly Inoue Antiracist Teaching Endowment that is set up through our alma mater's, Oregon State University,  Foundation

I'm very excited about this endowment. If all goes well, in a few years, the endowment will fund at least the following: 

  • An antiracist teaching conference for secondary and postsecondary teachers from across the disciplines to meet, share ideas and practices (you know, do the conference thing!). 
  • Support a summer workshop or institute for a smaller group of teachers to learn about and research antiracist teaching approaches. These teachers will then offer their research at the next year's conference. 
  • Several scholarships for students who wish to focus on antiracist approaches to teaching in a variety of disciplines, but likely scholarships will begin in literacy and language teaching in college. This will start small, but build.  
The last item requires a lot more money, but for now the first two are the endowment's top priorities. I'm hoping that within 5 years, we'll see the first two items begun. My wife and I have committed to donating at least $50,000 ourselves in the first few years, and all of the future profits to my upcoming book, Above the Well: An Antiracist Argument from A Boy of Color (WAC Clearinghouse and University Press of Colorado). That book will be out later this year. 

I hope you will consider giving to the endowment, perhaps more than once. You can do that NOW! No matter what, I will be donating other royalties of future books of mine to this endowment, and finding other ways to increase its size. 

You can give your donations of any amount by going to the page below, which has the destination of your donation already filled in, which is the Asao and Kelly Inoue Antiracist Teaching Endowment 

If you prefer to send a check, be sure that the name of the endowment is written on the check somewhere. I'm hopeful about this endeavor, and I think it will much good to our disciplines and the world. 

There is a permanent page on my site for this endowment, where I'll post updates. It's in the navigation bar to the left (Antiracist Teaching Endowment).